The following new features and enhancements are introduced in VERA DevOps 2021.1 release:

Approval Queue filters

Figure: Approval Queue with filters 

New User Profile page

The User Profile page replaced the My Profile page and the Edit User dialog.  

Figure: new User Profile page

New Add User profile page 

Figure: Add User button in User Management navigates to Add User Profile page

Figure: new Add User Profile page

Edit user improvements

The User Profile page replaced the Edit User dialog.

Figure: new User Profile page with expanded edit capabilities

Improved Role Management page

Added ability to filter users in roles and find available users.  These filter and search capabilities simplify adding and removing Users from VERA Roles. See Adding/Removing Users from VERA Roles

Figure: Role Membership Page with new filterable role member table and new user search features.

Improved Domain Management page

Figure: Domain Details page now supports editing Domain Name and Description

Jira Data Center Support

Defect fixes

Various defect fixes to the Web Portal and API Server.

View the Release Notes for more information: